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How To Pass A Drug Test: Testing & Solutions

All of these methods come with side effects and none are particularly easy on the body. When push comes to shove, there is no easy way to detox from cannabis when trying to pass a drug test. When figuring out the best way to pass a drug test on short notice, don’t forget the risk factors. While synthetic urine is very drug detox effective, it can be a risky choice, especially if you are monitored during the urine collection process. Depending on the laws in your region, you may even risk fines or charges for breaking the law. The same goes for substituting someone else’s (presumably clean) urine for your own; that’s both risky and detectable.

THC detox: Myths, facts, and tips to get weed out of your system

  • A happy bonus to exercise will be an increase in the production of anandamide, the body’s natural “bliss” molecule.
  • Either way, consumers may be tempted to buy a THC detox kit that includes shampoo, just to be safe.
  • Ultimately, the best approach is to refrain from drug use altogether to ensure a negative result on any drug test.

Get your urine yellow again by taking B vitamins, specifically B12 and B2. That way, there will be no visual evidence that you tried to dilute your urine before the test. The average individual gets rid of THC in the body within 30 to 45 days after using marijuana. If you regularly smoke marijuana, THC can stay in your system for up to 90 days after usage.

Natural Alternative Hair Detox Agents

detox for drug test

Whether a person smokes, vapes, or ingests cannabis, cannabinoids enter the bloodstream. Cannabis contains at least 104 different cannabinoids, but THC is the one responsible for producing the high effect that recreational cannabis users experience. These varying factors may make it difficult to determine precisely how long cannabis, or more specifically THC, will remain in a person’s system after use. This means they may still test positive for cannabis many months after stopping. In some instances, people have tested positive for THC 3 months after discontinuing use.

What are your state’s drug testing laws?

There is no scientific proof that proves using niacin to flush THC out of your system works. Consider the cannabis detox experience an opportunity to check in and take care of yourself. Approach this time as a vacation and give yourself permission to worry less and pamper yourself more. THC builds up in fat tissue, and from there slowly spreads to the blood. According to a 2013 study, exercise can cause THC to be released from your fat stores and into your blood.

How To Pass A Drug Test: Testing & Solutions

Clear Choice offers a synthetic urine practice kit to let you run through the process at home before you try and use your synthetic urine on a real drug test. Whatever you do, go with’s trusted line of detox programs and solutions for effective results and a high-quality cleansing product. Before attempting the fruit pectin detox, there are a few warnings worth mentioning. First, drinking too much water in one sitting can cause water intoxication, which is when levels of vital electrolytes become dangerously low.

So long as you quit consuming cannabis and complete the detox program outlined above, you will remain clean indefinitely. Aim for half your body weight in ounces of water daily to keep your systems in optimal condition. You can also drink herbal teas, cranberry juice, and clear broths to help increase hydration.

detox for drug test

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After applying harsh detergents to your hair, intense nourishment is needed. Coconut oil is extremely moisture-intensive, and acts as a lovely carrier oil for the antioxidant vitamin E. Honey is a natural humectant that encourages shine and preserves moisture retention. Those that decide to detox should expect to spend some quality time conditioning, re-hydrating, and re-nourishing afterward. It is also important to know that consuming this much fruit pectin is likely to cause digestive distress, such as diarrhea, constipation, and cramping. Human digestive systems cannot break down fiber, so soluble fiber is fermented by bacteria in the gut and excreted as stool.

To know how to pass a marijuana drug test, you’ll first need to know what type of drug test you’ll be getting. Unlike other substances, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary intoxicant in cannabis, is stored in your fat cells. As you move about and exercise, THC breakdown products are slowly re-released into the bloodstream. Blood levels of THC were checked before exercise, immediately post-exercise, and two hours post-exercise.

Best THC Detox Methods To Get Weed Out of Your System – Austin Chronicle

Best THC Detox Methods To Get Weed Out of Your System.

Posted: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Eliminating THC metabolites

  • Urine tests are the most common type of drug test and are widely used by employers, schools, and other organizations.
  • The kits often feature unlisted ingredients, and there is no quality control.
  • So, the higher your body fat percentage, the greater the amount of THC stored in your fat cells, even if you don’t necessarily feel high.
  • We propose taking 5 grams of charcoal three times a day, taken 30 minutes to an hour before a meal.

The science behind zinc is more robust than niacin, but it’s far from compelling, and all told, zinc is probably just another detox myth. In fact, instead of helping you pass a drug test and landing you a new career, high doses of niacin may land you in the hospital. At least 12 people over the past few decades have been hospitalized with niacin toxicity while trying to prepare for a drug test. 6 Fortunately, nobody has been reported to have died from niacin overdose, but these hospitalizations should be enough to make you think twice about trying to detox with niacin. Any patient taking prescription medications should exercise particular caution and the best way to avoid unwanted interactions is to separate medications from charcoal. With more states and countries legalizing cannabis, officials are growing more concerned about how to keep intoxicated drivers off of the road.

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